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Anybody out there?
Once transmitted, TV signals and radio waves don’t stop. Leaving our solar system behind them, they travel on to eternity as voyagers in deep space.
“Waves for the Universe“ reaches out to intelligent life in other galaxies. On their infinite journey, these waves change and mutate. They transform
into the longest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. On their way, they meet different waves travelling towards us from other planets,
suns and space clouds. Astronomers study composition, sound, structure and motion of incoming waves to learn about their origins.
Researchers have found 16 earth-like planets within the tiny radius of 50 light-years from Earth. Logic says at least 30 million habitable planets should exist within the vastness of our home galaxy. Do we assume that aliens are waiting for earth-bound humanity to send out signals welcoming them to the club of sensible, peaceful galactic civilisations?

Anybody out there?
“Waves for the Universe“ is free of any ideology, religion or conviction but
full of pure energy, peace and love.

“And crawling on the planet‘s face, some insects
called the human race. Lost in time, and lost in
space. And meaning.”
(Richard O’Brien)

Musicians: Sreedharan (Chenda, Talam: 02, 04); Chandra Palani, Parameshwari, Ezilarazi, Sakthi Priya (Voc.: 03, 11), Johannes Theurer
(Flute: 02, 03, 11, 13, 14, 15); Yref (Additional Acoustic Git.: 03, 11, 14, 15); Bob Romanowski (Acoustic Git.: 05)
Featured Artists: Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi (SoSaLa – Tenor Sax: 01, 05, 10); Latrama (Remix: 11, 14); In2ear (Remix 12)

All other instruments and sounds created by Genetic Drugs
Artwork: Ingmar Baum (Imaginary construction site of an UFO landing field in Chennai, South India)
Cover Photo: Genetic Drugs

Thank you: P.K. Ravi Malamakkavu from Natyam Needs, Sreedharan, Sunilkumar, Sohrab, Chandra, Parameshwari, Ezilarazi, Johannes,
Martin,Yref, Bob, Latrama, Ingmar

Mella Mella
Mella Mella Patham Vaitha Amma Nee Odi Vaa
Ern Thaaye Nee Odi Vaa

01Mystical Full Moon Hymn for Ornette Coleman4:13
02Cosmic Waves9:46
03Mella Mella Patham Vaitha3:51
04Chenda Talam Supernova4:38
05Anybody out there?6:58
06Pause Characters (Holding Patterns)4:53
07Earth Waves7:16
08Cosmic Dust Revisited2:27
10Anybody out there? (Lift Off)2:02
11 Mella Mella Patham Vaitha
(Latrama ‘Runaway’ Mix)
12Chenda Talam Supernova
(In2ear Deep Space Mix)
13Cosmic Waves (Drone Version)9:47
14Mella Mella Patham Vaitha
(Latrama ‘Runaway’ Mix (Instrumental))
15Mella Mella Patham Vaitha
(Slow Motion Mix (Instrumental))

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