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“Higher Folks, we are Genetic druGs & Jasmon’ We’d like to invite you to
our magic SPACECAKE trip. You will encounter strange phenomena from
different cultures. Use this CD for any acoustic ritual, specially for club
activities and/or exquisite relaxation!”

Genetic druGs is your audiopharmaceutical travel agent, a producer and
remixer in the digital world music field. He works with video performance
and installations and is a professional collector of audio material since
1982, when he was sitting in his room listening to sounds from a short
wave radio. Years later he made trips to Jndia, Nepal, Benin, Ghana, Mali,
Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Brazil, equipped with video and audio tools,
traveled and met local folks and musicians from different social heritages.

Jasmon is a professional musician and producer. Addicted to the beat
since he was three, he’s not able and not willing to quit this life long
addiction. His various releases show all effects and side effects of his

“We’d like to encourage all of you to go out and make your own
experiences. Find any place to start. This planet is big and colorful. You’II
find your subject maybe around the corner. A lifetime adventure is waiting
for you. lf you enter strange cultures, you’II discover new aspects of your
self in social interaction. That’s the key! And it’s curiosity that keeps us
moving on.”

01 Frequencies 1:46
02 Encore Pitiyanman (Omo Lilo) 6:21
03 Washri (La La La) feat. Mohamed Mounir 4:18
04 Chidambaram 5:06
05 Sleeping UFO 6:46
06 Remove 5:38
07 Fi Eshk El Banat (Na Na El Genana) feat. Mohamed Mounir 5:23
08 The Egyptian Delegate feat. Howard Marks (a.k.a Mr. Nice) 5:31
09 Song For Sidi Niaye 5:44
10 Caucasus 4:44
11 Lost Frequencies 6:14
12 Bollywood Spacecake 6:00
13 Outro Contact 1:31

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