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Once again audiopharmaceutical travel agent Genetic druGs headed out for musical expeditions in India and Egypt. He met the indian singer Chinmoy Adak from Kolkata, who focused his lifetime on the exploration of West Bengal folk tradition. Chinmoy sang a Baul “Bamboo Song” and poetry from the Bengal philosopher Rabindranath Tagore “Ebar Tor Mora Gangé”.

What started with Genetic druGs first indian trip in 1992 and the album KARMA CLUB in 1994 continues with two more chapters “Karma Club Part 8 & Part 9” with devotional recordings from a puja for the Goddess Sakthi, performed by Chandra Palani and Parameshwari in a local Hindu temple in the South Indian village Mamallapuram near Chennai.

Mohamed Mounir the egyptian pop singer and Genetic druGs friend from Cairo delivered musical poetry from Salah Jahin, “Edaya (Hands in my pockets)”.
The story of the album is framed by two South Indian devotional songs, “Ananda Sagara (Sea Of Joy)” feat. Parameshwari and Kamala Murugasan, dedicated to Lord Krishna and “Namaste Sharada Devi feat. Parameshwari, Kamala Murugasan and Chandra Palani”, dedicated to the Goddess of art Sarasvati.

01Ananda Sagara (Sea of Joy)2:43
02Bamboo Song3:50
03Karma Club Part 84:32
04Ebar Tor Mora Gangé3:12
05Kerala Trip Hop2:49
06Karma Club Part 93:40
07Edaya (Hands in my pockets)4:05
08Namaste Sharada Devi1:49
09Ananda Sagara (Sea Of Joy) instrumental2:43
10Bamboo Song instrumental3:34
11Ebar Tor Mora Gangé instrumental3:12
12Edaya (Hands in my pockets) instrumental4:05

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