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dimmSummer’s genre-busting REVOLUTION RISING picked up by Universal Music India feat. the exclusive electro house hit “Mehbooba Madness” by RD BURMAN remixed by NUCLEYA!

8 years ago a new voice emerged from the concrete jungles of NYC representing x-large for a burgeoning online community.

Ethnotechno.com founder dimmSummer celebrates with this first compilation, featuring original tracks and remixes from heavy hitters in an un-boxable, genre-bending musical art form. Let the other worldly sonic revolution begin.

REVOLUTION RISING: ethnotechno.com vol.1 presented by dimmSummer

01Makyo – Solace (6) | Naga (Tribal Dub Remix)5:30
02Cheb I Sabbah | Morey Pya Bassey (The Arch Cupcake Remix)5:11
03Asian Dub Foundation | Burning Fence (Jahcoozi Remix)3:55
04State Of Bengal | Skip-Ij (Sub Swara’s Bash Cadence Remix)4:40
05MIDIval PunditZ | Tonic4:07
06Goonda Featuring MC ZULU | Fearless (RiddemKillah Remix)3:22
07Genetic druGs Featuring Mohamed Mounir | Hannena (Hartsteine Island Remix ByTransglobal Underground ) (Radio Edit)4:34
08Niraj Chag Featuring Japjit Kaur | The Carnival4:53
09Swami | Ching (Shiva Soundsystem’s Mo Flo Remix)4:50
10The Nasha Experience | Black Magic5:03
11Nuphlo | Cassiopeia3:46
12Double S + True Tiger | From Day (Swara Remix Featuring Kazz)4:18
13Rohan Featuring Ej Sebian | What To Say (Head Tripper Remix)3:57
14Jalebee Cartel | Fade Away5:17
15Karsh Kale Featuring Vishal Vaid | Sunbeam4:52
16Bob Holroyd | Light Water (Dimm’s midSummer Remix)5:02