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Karma Pharma is a complete translation of Karma Club into Dub, House and Drum & Bass styles! Big thanks to my collaborator Jayrope! Cover paintings inpired by the erotic temples of Khajuraho by Imad Tabsch.
Male Lover (Jindimahi) : If you go to a foreign country never forget your home, your people, your food, your dress, your culture. Before you leave me, i request you to sit down for a while, so that we can talk about our love.

01Nepali Music Magazine0:42
02Male Lover (Jindimahi)6:16
03Vishnu Kathmandu4:53
04Hindi Bubbles1:54
05Kannada Space Dub6:34
06Seat of Cosmic Dance, Pt. 36:23
07Dreamman Chakravarty4:48
08A Hat Se – Puja5:43
09Karma Club, Pt. 73:18
10Shiva Arrival1:54
11Ye Ye2:03
12Lassi Bar5:29
13New Year’s Rhythm 20534:14
14Male Lover (Jindimahi Jungle)7:14

© Pharma Tunes 1996     LC 18824