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In 1992 I travelled 4000 km in India and Nepal. Along the trip I recorded street and temple musicians, religious ceremonies, street and nature sounds and mantras with my small video camera. Back home in Berlin I composed, arranged and recorded my first album “Karma Club“ with these documentary clips on an eight track tape recording machine in my home studio. The album was presented as a video installation with three syncronized videos, using a variety of beamers, monitors, flowers, incense sticks and mutated hindu gods. This multi-media sculpture appeared as a Hindu Temple and was shown in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, USA and Japan. The album reached position #4 in the World Music Carts Europe in 1994.

Sankha Chatterjee: Tabla (1,6,7); Recitation (8,11); Tamboura (6)
Sangeeta Chatterjee: Vox / Harmonium (6,8)
Adhir Bagchi: Vox / Harmonium (4) |
Kuwar Pratap Krishna Chandra Beard Saliar Singh Gajapati: Vox (5)
Chandra Palani: Puja Vox (1,9)
Janek Siegele: Keys (1,2,5,6,10,11) Programming / Arrangement (1,8,11)
Bob Romanowski: Guitar (4,6,6)
Carsten Wegener: Bass (1,5,8,10)
Rob Cummings: Percussion (1,5)
Amit Chatterjee: Bells (6)
Dheroknacha: Vox /Sarangi (3)
Ramesh Dey: Sitar (intro 5)
Solayman Ahiza: Tabla (8)
Friedeman Zintel: Tabla (8,10,11)
Frank Faligatter: Sitar (1,2)
Magita Waberland: Violin (5,9)
Rita Dalle Carbonare: Vox Sample (9) 
Tom Blum: Guitar (1,7)
Malkit Singh: Vox Sample (1)
Deepak G.Mathapati: Vox Sample (1)
Tako: Guitar (2)
All india Radic: Recordings in India (7,6,10)
Genetic druGs: Atmospheres / Samples / Synthesizer / 
Programming / Arrangement (1-11); Tabla (4,5,8)

01Karma Club (Part 1-4)13:29
03Monkey Temple0:47
04A Hat Se5:25
06Bhajan (dedicated to Lord Rama)7:31
07Vishnu Puja2:17
08Seat Of Cosmic Dance (Part 1)4:08
09Karma Club (Part 5+6)3:23
11Seat Of Cosmic Dance (Part 2)4:07

  © Genetic druGs Pharma Tunes 1994   LC 18824