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“Contagious Remixes & South Indian Paraphernalia“ (2008) will pick you up for a tribal excursion to some more cultural melting pots of this planet. 

The remix section has been created by collaborators I met on my trip aound the world in 2003/2004.

South Indian Paraphernalia
“South Indian Paraphernalia“ is a complete new album with collaborators and street sound recordings from my trip to India in 2007. 

Musicians: Bonnie Chakrabothy, Sonic Junior, E. Sakthivel, Shivapriya, Latrama, Chandra Malarkodi

01The Radhakrishna Experience (Ian Widgery’s Eastern Saturn Mix)6:07
02Las Frutas (in2ear Rmx)4:57
03Lakshmi Mantra (Xfile Rmx)5:32
04Pharma Do Bem (Sonic Junior Rmx)2:19
05Sonho Bordado (Tapiador & Latrama Rmx)5:29
06The Radhakrishna Experience (in2ear Rmx)4:48
07Lakshmi Mantra (Mosienko Project Rmx)5:11
08Las Frutas (Dr Tikov Rmx)5:16
09Chennai Dub2:58
11Moron Karo Kotha3:28
12Kiirthanai (May I Believe Tomorrow)3:48
13Kerala Lottery4:45
15Evening Prayer3:22
16Nungambakkam Jam3:05
17Variations On Sa Re Ga Ma3:25
18Chennai Dub Reprise2:37

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