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All tracks are results of collaborations on my trip around the world in 2003/04:
Berlin – New York – Rio de Janeiro – Salvadador de Bahia –
Mexico City – Los Angeles – San Francisco – Hawaii – Tokio – Beijing –
Bangkog – Calcutta – Mangalore – Chennai – Cairo – Madrid – Berlin.
Plenty of sounds and voices are recorded at their point of origin.

I always prefer field recordings to studio recordings in order to capture
the original emotions of the artists. My curiosity leads me to explore
the colour spectrum of cultural expresssions in pictures, sounds, voices and
instruments, and seduces me ever again to set out on new expeditions.
I have become an explorer, music and picture dealer, sound archivist,
mood merchant, culture broker and dancefloor mechanic.

Nihil Nirvana (Sitar, Guitar) 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11
Ramani Krishna (Bass) 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11
Mohamed Mounir (Vocals) 2, 12
Michi Wehmeyer (Keys) 2
Unikornio (Samples) 1
Adesa 4
Oikyotaan & Kartick Das Baul (Samples) 6
Latrama (Tabla, Editing) 4, 9
Maga Bo (Editing) 5
Bert Hofmann (Guitar) 8
Carsten Wegener (Bass, Morsing, Zoura) 8
Vladiswar Nadishana (Percussion, Bansuri, Editing) 10
Rani Chitrakar (Vocals) 8
DJ Grace Kelly (Berimbao) 11

mastered by Ian Widgery <Vancouver-Canada>

01Las Frutas (Mexico) [feat. Unikorno]4:45
02Hannena (Egypt) [feat. Mohamed Mounir]3:59
03Lakshmi Mantra (India) [feat. Mantra Singers from Mangalore’s Tiger Temple]3:24
04Olololale Africa Club (Ghana) [feat. Adesa] / Latrama (Spain)5:12
05Pharma Do Bem (Brazil) [feat. Maga Bo] / Prophet Abbam (Ghana)4:06
06Din Duniyaar Maalik (feat. Oikyotaan) / Kartick Das Baul [India] / Tricky Tunes (Berlin)4:00
07Kinky Pulse3:28
08The Radhakrishna Experience (India) [feat. Rani Chitrakar from the Bengali Patua Tribe]4:52
09Kasaragod (Spain) [feat. Latrama]4:07
10Kerala Beach (Russia) [feat. Vladiswar Nadishana]3:18
11Sonho Bordado (Berlin) [feat. Dj Grace Kelly] / Isaar de Franca (Brazil)3:40
12Hannena (Egypt) [Hartsteine Island Remix By Transglobal Underground] (feat. Mohamed Mounir)5:32

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